5 best Voice Changer Apps for Discord

Top 5 Apps & tools for voice changing which can be helpful as a voice changer for Discord & other voice-chat platforms on Android and windows

Discord is the best application for the services as game chat in the form of voice and text. If you’re a gamer, then there are the chances that you probably use this tool. Discord tool offers voice and chat services where many users use voice changer tool to change their voice. Some people do it to hide their real identity, and for some, it’s just fun. Apart from the reason, there’s no denying the fact that this tool is something good to have. So if you’re interested in changing your voice on discord, here we have five best apps for discord.

Top 5 voice changer apps for Discord:

1. Voicemod:

It’s the most popular, and the best tool so far that you try for discord is Voicemod. Apart from delivering tons of different voices, it also offers easy to use these voices and features. Not only with discord, but this tool also works for other voice chat services. Voice Changer tool also works with chat platforms like Skype, Fortnite, PUBG, Google Chat, Mumble and many more.

In my experience, Voicemod sounds more realistic and natural than a machine tone. Among those, my favourite picks voices are cave, cathedral, possessed, and kong. There are nearly hundreds of other mods that you can get into it. So just install the Voicemod app and start it.


  • Many different voices
  • Voicemod has more natural and realistic sound
  • Also works with Skype, Google Chat, PUBG, Fortnite, Mumble


  • Some of the effects don’t work as presumed.

Platforms: Windows

Price: Free (including in-app purchases)


2. AV Voice Changer:

AV voice changer is a multi-operational tool that performs many things. This tool works in real-time gaming platforms, just like Twitch and Discord. In AV Voice Changer, you can also record your voice and change its waveform to make the morphed sound more natural and real. This tool is easy to modify and access every characteristic of your voice.

You can turn your voice into the deep, high, young, old, feminine, muscular or robotic pitch as you need. It’s easy to modify your voice in any possible way as you like it. The AV Voice Changer comes with Advanced Virtual Driver Technology, and it’s compatible with most of the VoIP calls. This tool is also compatible with gaming platforms and web-chat applications.


  • You can also record your voice and morphed them in any waveform
  • Advanced Virtual Driver Technology
  • Compatible with many VoIP tools and applications


  • Costly plans

Platform: windows

Price: Free till trial and after that, $99.99 for a full license.


3. ClownFish:

The best part about this windows based tool is it’s free. ClownFish can be used to change your voice during the chatting on Discord. This application installs at the root level of your windows system. That’s why it can be used on your microphone to morphed your voice in any application. ClownFish also works with TeamSpeak, Mumble, Steam, Skype, GoogleChat and many more.

ClownFish doesn’t offer various numbers of voice mods that VoiceMod has to offer. The effects which ClownFish has to offer are reasonably nice. There are effects as Alien, Atari, Robot, male, female, baby, and radio along with others. This app is easy to set up and handy while using it. So if you’re looking for a free tool for Discord and other applications, then this is it.


  • Collection of effects
  • ClownFish Voice Changer Also works for TeamSpeak, Mumble, Steam, Skype, Google Chat
  • Easy to setup


  • Old-fashioned interface

Platform: windows

Price: Free


4. MorphVox:

It’s a free voice changing tool which can morph your voice. MorphVox comes with many effects as man, woman, child, robot, or other supported voices. Through this tool, you can change your voice from male to female and vice versa.

The software analyses the voice which can perform the best voice changes effects. So that morphed sound can sound as normal as it can. Free things aren’t free, are they? In the same way, here are some drawbacks to using this tool. The first thing is its annoying ads, and second is you get only two voice choices. It’s not as handy as the other voice changing tools are for using with Discord. You should opt for this tool if you want a better voice. For a newbie, it may require spending hours to set up at first.

Putting everything aside, MorphVox is something you can pick as a free voice changer app for discord.


  • Sufficient in-built voiced and sound effects
  • Functions of optimal voice changes effects
  • Customizable for fine-tune


  • Difficult to setup
  • Requires a little bit of a basic knowledge

Platform: Windows

Price: Free & Paid is for $39.99


5. Voxal Voice Changer:

Another voice changer app with tons of powerful voice changing features and capabilities. You can record live real-time morphed voices along with an ability to add effects afterwards. While using Discord, it offers real-time audio conversion with no delay. So whenever you’re attending any conference or Calls on Discord, you won’t feel any lag and delay.

Along with Morphed voice, it also offers plenty of effects to add up in your voice. In the library, there are effects like a robot, girl, boy, alien, atmospheric, echo, and many more. This voice changer is also compatible with Skype, Google Chat and many conferencing apps along with Discord. Overall I can say that it’s undoubtedly good to go voice changer app for discord.


  • The vast collection of voice-changing effects
  • Works with many voice chat services like Skype
  • Allows to record voice in real-time

Platform: Web and Windows

Price: Free Trial & $35.99 afterwards


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