Apple will launch HomePod 2 (HomePod Mini): Specs, Features, Price

Apple will launch HomePod 2, HomePod Mini this year in their upcoming Apple launch event on Oct 13, 2020; check the price, features and specs

Apple has announced Apple Event on October 13, 2020. There are so many speculations about what Apple is going to launch. Many are predicting whether it’ll be the upcoming iPhone or Apple Earphones. However, we would like to answer your question with a confirmation update about what’s going to come. An insider confirms the release of an Apple HomePod Mini. It’s not sure whether HomePod 2 and HomePod Mini will be different products or the same.

If these predictions are right, then we can surely expect an affordable Homepod this year. So maybe next year they can release an Homepod 2 if it’s true.

Apple Homepod 2: Price –

The original Apple Homepod was launched for $349, and then it slashed to $299. Compared to other products as Amazon Echo, which comes for $99, it’s still costly. To grab its grip in the market, Apple can develop a more affordable Apple Homepod in this event. The rumours to launch a cheaper Homepod was surfaced in 2018. It was said that Apple would come up with Homepod for a price mark of $149 to $199.

Another leak from Jon Prosser suggests that Apple Homepod 2 is no near to release this year. Apple Homepod 2 will be released in early 2021 for a $299 price mark.

Apple Homepod 2: Specs and Features –

Image Credit: Apple

The first generation Homepod is a 7-inch tall with cylindrical shaped. It has seven tweeters and a large microphone, which has Siri compatibility via six microphones. We can expect that Apple will deliver the same specs in a smaller package. Recent leaks and patens, which surfaced online, gives us an idea of many upgrades in Apple’s smart speaker.

LeaksApplePro, suggests specs that Apple Homepod 2 will come up with an A10 chip. In the original Homepod, there was an A8 chip, which is upgraded to A10 this year. Extra speed in Homepod 2 can offer more smartness and reliability on Voice assistance. Another patent suggests that there might be an Air Gestures features along with Face ID. Air Gestures will allow users to control the speakers with their air gestures.

Apple HomePod 2 (HomePod Mini): Features –

Apple Homepod 2 won’t have just Hardware upgrades only; there are many more fields for improvements. The Apple Homepod was a solid debut made by Apple. Similarly, Apple will come up with more improved and better Homepod 2 or Homepod Mini. Here are some key features which can be seen in the upcoming Apple Homepod 2 or HomePod Mini.

Improved Siri Assistance:

In our day-to-day usage, we find out that Siri was less helpful than Google and Assistance and Alexa. An improved Siri experience can help to run Apple Homepod in the long run with better voice recognition.

Multiple Service Support:

Currently, the original Homepod only supports Apple Music, a frustration for Spotify, YouTube and other streaming platform users. Apple has already said that they’re testing their third party app support. So with Apple Homepod 2 and Homepod Mini, we can expect Multiple Service support.

New design:

An original Homepod is excellent in its identical design & shape. Yet, we can expect more colours and new designs at this event this year. The new design will be a little tinier than the predecessor Homepod. Homepod 2 will also support recently released Apple products as Apple Watch 6 and iPad Air 4.

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