‘Chandraswami’ the swami who controlled Harshad Mehta with the help of PM Narsimha Rao

Harshad Mehta, who is known by the name of Big Bull. Harshad Mehta, the man who controlled the Indian stock market and made everyone’s fortune. Many of them called it a scam where it was exploiting loopholes in the system. It wasn’t possible to reach that amount of whooping 5000 Crores. According to Harshad Mehta, he could make it work because he had support from Chandraswami. Chandraswami was the Swamiji who was helping Harshad Mehta with his close relations with PM Narsimha Rao.

Who is Chandraswami?

According to Wikipedia, Chandraswami was a Tantrik. He was attracted to the study of Tantra in his early childhood. He left his home earlier and went into the forests of Bihar for meditation. In those jungles, he obtained extraordinary siddhis in four years. He was a Jain by born; still, he became a “Sadhaka” of goddess Kali.

Chandraswami earned his fame as an astrologer, but people start to recognize him when he became close to PM Narsimha Rao. Many believed that Chandraswami was a spiritual advisor to the PM Narsimha Rao. As the Narsimha Rao became Prime Minister in 1991, Chandraswami built an ashram in Delhi. This land was allotted by Indira Gandhi in the institutional area of Delhi.

Many foreign Diplomats like Sultan of Brunei, Sheikh Isa bin Salman Al Khalifa of Bahrain, actress Elizabeth Taylor, British PM Margaret Thatcher, arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi, crime lord Dawood Ibrahim, and Tiny Rowland were his followers. Harshad Mehta was one of them to follow Chandraswami.

Chandraswami and Harshad Mehta:

Harshad Mehta had already cleared in his interview with Sucheta Dalal. Sucheta Dalal had interviewed Harshad Mehta, where he told her that he had helped his friend in Delhi. Chandraswami was the man who was assisting Harshad Mehta from the PM’s end. Swami had close contacts with PM Narsimha Rao and many other politicians and diplomats. So it was easy for Swami to arrange some help to Harshad Mehta in return for financial support from him.

Chandraswami was the man who is referred to as Swami in the biography of Harshad Mehta. Swami was arrested for a Defraud case against a London-based businessman of $100,000. Swami had also violated the Foreign Exchange Regulations Act several times. So all these records of Swami, makes it clear that he was the common link between PM Narsimha Rao and Harshad Mehta.

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