Cooper hospital didn’t take a drug test in Sushant’s viscera:

Cooper Hospital performed Post-Mortem tests of Sushant Singh Rajput but they didn't perform a drug test on Sushant's viscera.

Lots of negligence can be seen in Sushant Singh’s case by Mumbai Forensic Team. It’s essential to take a drug test and a post-Mortem, mainly if it is found suspiciously. Mumbai Police and the forensic team of Cooper Hospital are working on Sushant Singh’s case, assuming he suicide. It’s baseless to believe whether he attempted suicide or it was a murder without sufficient evidence. In this case, the Mumbai Police is somehow trying to prove this as a Suicide. As an effect, Cooper Hospital, owned by the Thackrey family in Mumbai, didn’t do a drug test in Sushant viscera. AIIMS team and CBI questions foreignsic team of Cooper Hospital.

CBI and AIIMS questions over Cooper Hospital’s questionable report:

AIIMS forensic team and CBI working on Sushant’s post-Mortem reports. That report is lacking drug tests in Sushant’s viscera, which was never made. The way Cooper Hospital did a Post-Mortem test is not in a professional manner. Many fans are questioning the unprofessional and such a careless investigation by the forensic team of Cooper hospital. The post-Mortem was carried at around 11.00 PM in the night, which is not valid according to guidelines by the government.

In the post-Mortem report, the timing of death is missing. Cooper Hospital didn’t make any report about drug tests on Sushant Singh’s viscera. So, in short, all these investigations are still incomplete and immature by Mumbai Forensic team. Now the question of how the AIIMS team and CBI will open their findings in media. The most important is finding a good lead, leading this case in the right direction.

AIIMS has already submitted its conclusive reports to the CBI for further investigation. Now it’ll be interesting to see whom CBI will summon for further investigation. In the AIIMS report, they have concluded whether it’s suicide or a murder attempt. This will be important to see, but as the CBI investigating the case, it seems they’re already working on a murder theory. Unlike Cooper Hospital, who concludes it as a Suicide neglecting all the visible evidence. This is the reason why the CBI and AIIMS team questions over the reports of Cooper Hospital.

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