Everything about OnePlus 8 Pro: Hands-On Reviews

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Everything about OnePlus 8 Pro: Hands-On Reviews
Good Things -
Bright and precisely calibrated 120 Hz display
Smooth touchscreen
Stylish and sturdy design
Plenty of performance
Good battery life
Fexible camera system
Fast memory
No throttling
Precise GPS
Many LTE bands
IP certification
Fast-charging technology
Bad Things -
Average call quality
High temperatures under load
Only a USB 2.0 cable included
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It took so long for OnePlus to bring Water resistance and wireless charging ability. It has 120Hz refresh rate screen and other features too. In this detailed review we’ll justify whether OnePlus 8 Pro is worth the money or not?

OnePlus 8 Pro with Bullets Wireless Z

Design –

OnePlus 8 Pro has glass back along with the metal frame on the surrounding. The company had offered a bold colours for it’s latest flagship phone. Glacial Green is the new colour that they have introduce, which stands in between turquoise and green. Meanwhile, Ultramarine Blue is an intense blue. If you prefer regular colours for smartphones then you’ll probably like Onyx Black. It’s classic colour and it has glossy finish. Where Glacial green and Ultramarine Blue have matter texture.

Currently, we are reviewing on Glacial Green colour which is very refined because of matter finish. Though whoever expect this to be fingerprint resistance will be disappointed. The glass on the corner is pretty much stretched. but the transition between metal and glass can’t be easily felt with fingers. The edges are slightly rougher at the top of the screen. Apart from this overall it feels premium and pretty much comfortable when you hold it.

OnePlus officially introduced for the first time IP certify smartphones with OnePlus 8 Pro. IP68 is average certification for the smartphone. OP always said their phones are waterproof, but not there’s an official certification for it based on Industry Standards

Left Side: Volume Control
Right Side: Standby Button, Alert Slider
Top Side: Microphone
Bottom Side: SIM Slot, Microphone, USB Type-C, Speakers


When we talk about the screen, OnePlus 8 Pro have that everything which any high-end smartphones has. 120Hz display, highest brightness, HDR10+ support. Talking about brightness, OnePlus easily beats many devices on average. Only iPhone 11Pro Max I brighter than OnePlus 8 Pro so far. OnePlus8 Pro has high resolution panel. Which runs on 3168×1440 pixels, but it’s not enough to display 4K content. It’s installed with AMOLED panel so there’s no need to worry about contrast.

OnePlus 8 Pro theoretically has an infinite contrast ratio. Colours look vivid, while blacks look deep. Oneplus includes two display presents as Natural and Vivid. vivid enables bright colours, while the natural mode is more representative of real-world colours.

OnePlus 8 Pro under direct Sun


OnePlus8 Pro comes with Snapdragon 865 which is 10% faster with it’s predecessor, which is equipped with snapdragon 855+. The graphic unit also provides 20% more performance that it’s predecessor.

Gaming Performance-

Game Performance under High Graphics

We tested gaming capabilities of OP8 Pro with Asphalt 9: Legends and PUBG Mobile. While playing the games both run very smoothly, but there’s no benefit of 120Hz panel. PUBG Mobile runs above 60fps at high graphics. PUBG Mobile runs around 30-40fps in high graphics, so it’s definitely the powerful enough for games.

Connectivity –

OnePlus has upped it’s priced once again. But for the Indians, it’s still a goodnews. The price for OnePlus 8 Pro starts around €899 ( ~₹74000), but in India OP8 Pro starts from 54,999 ( ~€668). So for the first time OP is cheaper in India. OP 7 Pro was launched for ₹52,000 in India and OP8 Pro is starting from ₹54,999.Here we are reviewing on the variant which is equipped with 12GB of fast LPDDR4 Ram and 256 GB of UFS 3.0 flash storage. OnePlus is almost the winner here, as far as the ram is concerned. Competitors rarely offer as much ram as OnePlus offers, but it’s a different question whether you can utilise fullest?

NFC is also on-board, but there are several other sensors too. Like RGB Sensor, which can change colour temperature of the display in changing light. Where Apple calls this technology as TrueTone (just for reference). Data can be transferred through USB-C 3.1 Gen1, although OnePlus includes USB 2.0 Type-C Cable in the box. You must use the same port to use the headphone because oneplus have not included 3.5mm headphone jack. This variant supports dual SIM, upto two SIM Cards. but there’s no eSIM or a microSD support.

Wireless Conectivity –

OnePlus have stepped up, From this generation onwards OP will only build 5G Smartphones. The current OnePlus phone only supports Sub6, with the faster mmWave out of range for the device. Between two SIM only one SIM can use 5G, where other stays restricted to 4G(LTE). The connectivity over 4G is very good overall. Even in buildings, urban areas and also on some crowded places we didn’t encountered any issues. The smartphones supports numerous 4G frequencies too, so you could be able to use LTE network abroad.

WiFi 6-

In terms of connectivity, OP 8 Pro supports, WiFi 6 with 2X2 MIMO Antenna. The OnePlus 8 Pro does not support VHT160 though, meaning that it cannot take full advantage of the potential of Wi-Fi 6. However if you don’t have Gigabyte internet line, then you should hardly notice any difference between two devices while browsing.

Call Quality-

The voice quality on call is okey on OP8 Pro, with other party sounds quiet loud on the build-in-earpiece. OnePlus 8 Pro can’t eliminate all the background noise, I noticed slight road during conversation. The microphone transmits our voice quite well, though, it eliminated background noise satisfactorily. We found that, other party sound better on the loudspeaker than build-in-earpiece, but backgrounder noise persists.

Software – Modern OxygenOS

HomeScreen Screenshot

The OxygenOS is pretty much clean and smoother OS experience. Running Android 10 out of the box, ensures OnePlus will provide two years worth of OS updates. The company is very much frequent about there updates. Hence, OP 8 Pro should receive Atleast Android 12 and security patch until 2023. OxygenOS have introduced few new tricks too. Like dark mode, now it’s available for system wide and for apps that do not official support it. Likewise videos from streaming provides are automatically scaled upto 120Hz.

Overall, OnePlus provides very clean and up-to-date OS out of the box. Our OP8 Pro has only 4 preinstalled third party apps, of which some can be uninstalled.

Cameras –

High-resolution main cameras are the latest craze in high end smartphones. Even if the extremely high resolutions are rarely used in full. Typically, modern smartphone camera sensors combine several pixels to achieve a higher light output. To achieve desires output OP 8 Pro uses, 48 MP primary rear-facing sensor. The IMX689 combines four pixels into one, also known as pixel-binning. Which results in a 12Megapixel output with higher light sensitivity than a 48Megapixel shot would have.

Standard Lens Recording: OnePlus 8 Pro

OnePlus complements the primary sensor with a 48Megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens and an 8Megapixel optically stabilised telephoto lens. Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS) should prevent blurring while taking close up pictures. In good lightning conditions, OP8 Pro easily captures a sharp photo that shines with many details. Colours can be displayed more vividly, still it’s probably a matter of taste.

Matte Filter Shot: OnePlus 8 Pro

Under low light conditions, standard photo mode struggles to exposed to objects well and pales compared to other flagship smartphones. The special night mode delivers good results here though, but you must activate it manually. Thanks to the Telephoto lens and ultra-wide-angle, now OP8 Pro supports, optical zoom upto 0.6x to 3x. After which it supports upto 30x digital zoom. With a super macro mode, you can photograph an object which is just 3cm away from lens.

Low-light Night Mode: OnePlus 8 Pro

Then comes OnePlus’s special forth real facing camera, a colour filter sensor. In short, it allows device to produce some unusual effects. The photochromic mode, the only one that actually switches to the colour filter sensor, produces some curious results.Videos can be recorded upto 4K and 60fps and 21:9 on request. You may have seen this referred to as a cinema aspect ratio elsewhere. The image quality is decent overall, with the exposure sensor responding well to changing lighting conditions. In my experience, the OnePlus 8 Pro graduates exposure levels finely graded.

OnePlus 8 Pro: Image Preview

Autofocus does a good job but until it finds a correct setting, it makes slight adjustments. The OnePlus 8 Pro also has a 16 MP front-facing camera. In short, it takes well-lit photos, but it could offer sharper details in my opinion.

OnePlus 8 Pro

Battery Life-

OnePlus 8 Pro: Wireless Charging

While OP8 has higher power consumption, that’s why it has also larger battery than it’s predecessor. With 4,510mAh battery, oneplus has raised the bar for other smartphones. Run time on OnePlus8 pro is, 15hrs 23mins with device set on 60Hz.  Setting the display at 120Hz decrease the run time to 11-hrs. OnePlus8 pro takes 90mins to full charge with WarpCharge 30T. Artificial learning in OP is much smarter. Now it learns when you charge your device, when you use and for how long you use? Still it takes some time to learns all about it but it’ll surely help to extend battery life.

Accessories and Warranty –

The company knows how to craft beautiful accessories, it’s red and white USB Cable is still the stylish. It’s a thing to worry that oneplus have included USB-C 2.0 in the box, where it can support USB-C 3.1. The company has included silicon case in the box, which is transparent and printed “Never Settle” on it.

The wireless charger with the smartphone comes in standing position. It’s stylishly designed and it comes with a price tag 69.99 Euros. In India, price for wireless charger is not revealed yet. The OnePlus 8 Pro comes with a 24-month manufacturer’s warranty. OnePlus explicitly excludes liquid damage, though.

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