Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Hands-On Review: The Exceptionally Good

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Hands-On Review: The Exceptionally Good
Good Things
Stunning Display with 120Hz refreshing rate
Camera quality is improved
One UI is impressive
Smooth Interface
Bad Things
Slow in-screen finger-print sensor
Simple Design
Camera software needs some tweaks

After many years, for the first time, Samsung S series is not Samsung’s most powerful android phone. An ultra variant is now followed by Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus alongside the cheaper Galaxy S20. The galaxy S20 can save you some money where S20 Ultra is extremely big, expensive and powerful. Most of the people will easily consider Galaxy S20 Plus if affordability is not an issue. There are several differences in terms of battery size, screen size, build, dimensions, and camera.

At first, when I looked at the specs sheet and the features on S20 Plus, it seems impossible to find a flaw. So I decided to put all its aspects to test on my phone. The most exciting I felt was the camera which made me impressed in daylight. But I had doubts with new zoom abilities and Samsung’s underwhelming night mode.

Is the Galaxy S20 Plus a considerable upgrade over the S10 Plus? Do you get a well-packaged reliable allrounder for Rs 70K? Let’s find out through our review

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus: Design –

Image Credit:Future

S20 is not a beautiful device, but it’s crafted maturely, in other words, it’s a well-proportioned device. This phone isn’t made up for showoff unless you get cloud blue colour. The 6.7-inch screen isn’t heavily curved down the side of the phone. But the 3D Glass over the corner provides the modern shape which is comfortable to hold. On the right-hand side, there’s a power button, volume rocker and the metal bodywork tracks around them.

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The style of Galaxy S20 Plus can be appreciated, which is not for everyone. The camera bump on the back is rectangle-shaped in the top corner. The Galaxy S20 Plus is slim and lightweight. It’s 6.5 ounces and 0.3 inches thick which makes them better Phone to hold for long. A phone is slippery, so a case would be advisable to keep the phone protected. The Galaxy S20 Plus is too large and heavy, where S20 is small by modern standards. The S20 Plus feels like the right fit for most people.

Galaxy S20 Plus: Camera –

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The S20 Plus has Quad camera setup at the rectangle back of the phone, which holds a 12-megapixel f/1.8 wide-angle lens, a 64-megapixel f/2.0 telephoto sensor, and another 12-megapixel f/2.2 ultra-wide sensor. The new addition of a time-of-flight sensor just completes the lineup which is also included in regular Galaxy S20 too. You can capture up to 3x hybrid zoom, and up to 30x digital zoom, now you can also shoot HDR10+ content. Now it also supports 8K recording at 24 frames per seconds and slow-motion video at 960fps.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus has well-saturated and vibrantly sharped captures

In the daylight, you will notice that all the images are heavily saturated, which can cause a split of opinions. But in my opinion, they have lived up the photos nicely. Night mode is pretty useful here; it brightens up the scenes without adding any excessive noise. In shallow light, it gets noisy and becomes less usable. The problem I faced was with the focusing and inaccurate edge detection in portrait mode.

The famous arch at the centre of Brooklyn’s Grand Army Plaza – here taken with the main camera.
Zoomed in 10x, which is the maximum of the S10 Plus’ camera.
And finally, the 30x maximum – note the blurred edges and contrast, evidence that this is a cropped zoom of a larger image.
And finally, the 30x maximum – note the blurred edges and contrast, evidence that this is a cropped zoom of a larger image.

Apart from the saturation boost, Samsung’s software can heavily sharpen the image, and it comes to realise when you notice them. I didn’t have any problem with the 8K video mode. The high-resolution videos shoot smoothly and look stunning on the screen. Point to be noted here; The S20 Plus has Exynos processor, where S20 Ultra had Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor.

Comes with a ability to shoot upto 8K recoding compatiblity

Recording 8K content and viewing experience is fantastic. But that experience won’t be possible for the most due to the expense of buying 8K TV at the moment. So it’s better not to record 8K video where it takes massive size (atleast 500mb per minute) to shoot. With the use of 4K or 1080p, you can also experience Samsung’s super excellent Stabilization Mode, which works perfectly well.

Image Credit:Future

The Galaxy S20 also has Single Take Mode where you shoot a video instead of capturing stills. The software generates selections of clips, gifs and still images for you. It’s great to grab sharable photo or video of that moment without worrying about missing anything about it. It is easy to use.

It features 20-Megapixel of a front selfie camera. The front camera is pretty good with lovely colours and natural tones unless you use portrait mode. It’s unreliable, blurring the edges and smoothen the skin at an unacceptable level. Auto enables gesture control is a handy feature where holding your hand upstarts a countdown timer. The phone never fails to notice my hand, and it makes it more reliable and usable.

Suitable camera for daylight and low-light situation but not for Portrait mode

The outcome from Galaxy S20 Plus camera is perfect despite any environment or the time of the day. It’s a great, all-rounder and versatile too which has blessed with all those features you could ask for. It’s better not to expect much from Portrait Mode and a bit of saturation in sunny day photos.

Screen and Performance –

Image Credit:Future

Samsung is always good at making stunning displays. The 6.7-inch Dynamic AMOLED display got the 3200 x 1440 pixel resolution. It comes with a 120Hz display refreshing rate with the support of HDR10+. It’s crafted beautiful, and it makes HDR content viewing experience richer with stunning colours and dynamic range. Luckily lower resolution videos don’t get struggled in this display. I enjoyed the 720p resolution videos as much as it was watching 4K content. The bigger sized screen in S20 Plus makes it a good video partner too.

The 120Hz refreshing rate display means smooth scrolling and less flickering. It is highly useful while browsing for the longer period it doesn’t strain to the eyes. But there’s catch 120Hz Display can’t be enabled while the display is set on full resolution. At such time the screen is set back to 60Hz. I like to use the higher refreshing rate display with the highest resolution. So, for me, 2400×1080 with 120Hz display is the best combination.

Image Credit:Verge

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus screen and size can’t compete with 6.9-inch S20 Ultra for immersive viewing experience. Comparing the size and the weight S20 Plus seems the sensible choice out of the three S20 phones. When we put it next to iPhone 11 Pro, we find out that it has clear vibrance colour bursting off the screen. Where iPhone 11 Pro has more natural tones. Samsung has released two different versions of S20 Plus with diffract processors. In the US S20 Plus comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor. Where in the UK it comes with Exynos 990 chip which is we’re currently reviewing on, and it has 12 GB of RAM.

In the real world, the difference between these two variants is very minimal to feel in everyday usage. Some of the tests suggest that Snapdragon 865’s Andreno graphic chip is more efficient. In our quick check, we find out that Exynos-powered S20 Ultra gives very close results to the 20 Plus. S20 Plus handles day-to-day applications very efficiently, but S20 Ultra gets little warm when it’s working hard.

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Luckily S20 Plus doesn’t get any hot while playing high graphic games. Setting up graphics on high resolution while playing Asphalt 9, still, the game is as fast as usual. The view is stretched across the full screen, which doesn’t remind you about the punch-hole camera on display. 5G comes as a standard feature in S20 lineup so when the network gets upgraded in your area, you be ready. During the social isolation, we have been able to test the LTE 4G network where it performed exceptionally well. Call quality was superb and pretty clear.

Galaxy S20 Plus: Software and Battery –

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Samsung’s software is just like the design of this phone. It’s usable, attractive but not on the top by it can be a perfect companion for day-to-day activities. It is colourful, and it has a system-wide dark mode and logical settings menu. The always-on-screen is fantastic, which is informative and customisable. Where it can give you the glimpse without unlocking the phone, and you can take action from the lock screen.

Samsung has put its virtual assistant as a Bixby, which is pretty useless, in my opinion. Samsung has set the power button to turn on Bixby instead of turn on/off the phone. This can be changed from Settings, but it’s still an annoying feature.

Image Credit:Future

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus comes with 4,500mAh battery which gives the full day power to the phone with heavy usage. Even with the 120Hz refresh rate active, it still runs a whole day. With the moderate usage, the S20 won’t easily run out of the power. Phone charges too quickly where it comes with 25W charger and phone also supports wireless charging. Although wireless charging may not be as fast as other phones out there, it’s enough for the most. In 30-minutes of a Charge, the phone saves 55% of a battery from zero where it takes 75-minutes to charge a phone fully.

Price, Warranty and Availability-

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus comes for $1200 which sits in-between Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20 Ultra, which comes for $1000 and $1400 respectively. Where in India S20 Plus comes for ₹ 77,999 in India and S20 comes for ₹ 70,499 and S20 Ultra for ₹ 97,999, where you can purchase these handsets on Samsung’s official website, Samsung offline store or Flipkart and Amazon in India.

Final Verdict –

The Galaxy S20 Plus is the excellent deal Galaxy S20 phone to buy where it comes with the right price and right screen size. It’s a powerful phone yet it is effortless to use, and the camera takes excellent photos in varieties of situations. Maybe sometimes inconsistency in the camera may let you down, but it’s not a deal-breaker.

What is the better alternative?

If you’re considering to buy S20 Plus, then it may be hard to look at $1000 iPhone 11 Pro. It’s Apple’s best phone till the date and our top pick also. But if you’re coming from previous Android phone, then you’ll have to get used to new software and usage alterations. As I think, so it’s worth though, but iPhone doesn’t come with 5G which makes S20 Plus slightly better in the long term.

If you’re looking something in Android OS itself, then you can consider about Google Pixel 4 XL for their camera and software. But it turns out to be much worse than S20 Plus in terms of Battery life. You can also consider about OnePlus 8 Pro, which is a solid alternative and it also comes for $999. In terms of performance, it’s featured with Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor. And it also has Quad Camera where it has Primary camera, Ultra-wide sensor, tele photosensor and Colorfilter lens. So in terms of Software, Camera and Battery, this phone can be a perfect alternative.

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